About a year ago, I got to have the mind-blowing experience of driving to Bentonville, Arkansas to see my work in show at a major museum, a fantasy I have had my entire adult life. If anything, the experience outperformed the fantasy. Every experience I had with the museum, staff, and community was incredibly rewarding. During the run of the show, I had the opportunity to visit four times with my friends and family. The show has brought several opportunities to me as an artist, including panel talks at a Crystal Bridges symposium event and the Chicago Art Expo. Just when I had made my peace with the show ending, I received the news that the exhibit has been redesigned as three separate touring shows.

These shows featuring my work are scheduled to travel in 2016 to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minneapolis, MN), the Dixon Gallery and Gardens (Memphis, TN), and the Telfair Museum (Savannah, GA). I’m eager to hear reactions to the smaller traveling shows as the reach of the artists involved is expanded from the small community of Bentonville, Arkansas, where Crystal Bridges Museum is based.

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